Friday, July 11, 2008

Cage Ragers Make Weight as Baroni Goes 170

Friday, July 11, 2008 - by Staff (Weights courtesy of Rob Nutley)

(Photo courtesy of Vincent Garnier)

All of the fighters for Saturday night’s Cage Rage 27 event at Wembley Arena in London have weighed in without incident.

UFC and Pride veteran Phil Baroni will make his welterweight debut on Saturday night. He had no trouble making weight, as he tipped the scales at 169.7 pounds. Baroni faces Brit Scott Janson.

Mustapha Al Turk and James McSweeney will battle it out in for the Cage Rage British heavyweight title and rumor has it that the winner between Robert Berry and Neil Grove may be the next opponent for Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson.

Mustapha Al Turk (111kg/244.6lbs) vs. James McSweeney (101kg/222.6lbs)

Phil Baroni (77kg/169.7lbs) vs. Scott Janson (77kg/169.7lbs)

Robert Berry (110kg/242.4lbs) vs. Neil Grove (126kg/277.7lbs)

Christian Binda (63kg/138.9lbs) vs. Brad Pickett (65.8kg/145lbs)

Mark Brown (76.7kg/169lbs) vs. Wesley Johnson (73.4kg/161.8lbs)

Aisling Daly (56.9kg/125.4lbs) vs. Eva Liskova (55.5kg/122.3lbs)

Stav Economou (125.7kg/277lbs) vs. Piotr Kusmierz (112.5kg/248lbs)

James Elson (83.2kg/183.4lbs) vs. Dave van Gasse (84kg/185.1lbs)

Ashleigh Grimshaw (65.8kg/145lbs) vs. Robbie Olivier (65.8kg/145lbs)

Tom Watson (83.8kg/184.7lbs) vs. John Philips (83.8kg/184.7lbs)

Jason Young (70.2kg/154.7lbs) vs. Francis Heagney (70.3kg/154.9lbs)

Mavlyanov (70.2kg/154.7lbs) vs. Jody Cottham (70.2kg/154.7lbs)

(Weights courtesy of Rob Nutley)



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