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The Razor’s Edge: Rob McCullough’s MMA Blog (Aug. 6)

August 6th, 2008, 8:16 pm · Post a Comment · posted by Carlos Arias

“Razor” Rob McCullough of Huntington Beach is a former World Extreme Cagefighting lightweight champion. He is one of the top 155-pound fighters in mixed martial arts and he will be giving readers and inside look into the life of a fighter with his weekly blog.

Well, here it goes. Another week in the life of Razor Rob.

Well, where do I begin? I‘ve been training like a mad man for my upcoming fight in September. Between going to my gym, H.B. Ultimate Training Center, and No Limits, I have been busy as hell. I’m feeling good, knowing I’m picking up a lot of good stuff from my new and old training partners.
he big surfing competition was here in Huntington Beach this past weekend. I went down to the beach with my good buddy Raffy from 24 Hour Fitness. I grew up surfing as a lil’ kid and watched a lot of surf movies as a teenager. Raffy told me he knew a few of the pro surfers and they worked out at his gym.

As we walked by one of the booths (I think it was Da Hui), one of the pros Kalai, was doing an autograph signing. Kalai told me he had a clothing line, too, called The Wolf Pack and he wanted to know if he could come train with me one day while he was in Huntington Beach. I was totally stoked to let him come work out with me and my boyz since I’d seen him fight before in a surf movie and knew he had some skills.

We ended up training a few days later at my gym. Then I took him to No Limits where I also train. All I gotta say is he is a stud in and out of the water. It was a fun day and, not to mention, I was stoked to have pro like him to be chillin’ with.
We ended our day at the Sugar Shack, grinding some food before I gave him some Razor Clothing gear and he was off to L.A. for some pro surfer stuff.

That night, I ended up being the sober driver for my boys, Rampage, Tiki and Ryan “Loco.” The nite ended up with us on the side of the road pulled over by the police for speeding. After getting a ticket, the cops were super cool and asked if they could take some pics with their camera phones. They shook our hands as we left. I suppose that could’ve ended up a lot worse.

The weeks seem to fly by as I count the days until I fight again.

This weekend, my clothing company, Razor Clothing, hosted an MMA convention after party at The Basement night club in Long Beach. The club went off with a lot of peeps from the convention there as well as Urijah Faber, Rampage, myself and a lot of hot girls. I called it an early night after drinking water all night and went to bed.

I signed autographs for the Punishment booth on Saturday and Sunday at the Long Beach Convention Center. That was really cool. A lot of people came out to support us and the sport and I signed a million autographs and pictures. I had a really good time meeting the fans, shaking hands with people, taking pics and just shooting the … .

Oh, I almost forgot. I went to the O.C. Fair on Saturday, too. One of the guys from my gym also rides bulls. His name is Lee Miller. We went and watched him ride and then the boyz and I went to see the movie “Step Brothers” at the Bella Terra movie theater. The movie was hillarious, but after my signing, running sprints in the A.M. and walking around the fair I was beat and ready for bed.

Well, untill next week, stay positive, wear your seat belt, just say NO and never say never.

- Razor Rob

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