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Chris Lytle Interview w/Fightline

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The boys from The Light's Out Show recently welcomed in Chris Lytle to get his thoughts on his new approach to fighting, his "day job" as a firefighter and his upcoming fight across the pond with Paul Taylor at UFC 89. Below is a portion of that conversation. Make sure to catch the full interview on The Light's Out Show. You can access it right now on the home page.
TLOS: Talk about your new, more explosive and dynamic approach to fighting.

Lytle: “After I lost to Matt Serra in The Ultimate Fighter, I said, you know what, I’ve got too many skills, I’ve trained too hard, I don’t care, I never want to go to decision again. If I go to a decision, I’ve failed.”

TLOS: With controversial decisions seemingly more prevalent, of your decisions, how many of those do you feel you were robbed?

Lytle: “I’ve had about 4 or 5 split decisions, mostly in Japan or some other people’s home state or home town…the way I look at it if I see a guy with a split decision in somebody’s home town, they probably won the fight. It’s just the nature of the business.”

TLOS: You’re a full time firefighter. How do you find time to train adequately?

Lytle: “Well I’m pretty lucky, I’ve got a good schedule. I’m on 24 hours and then off 48 hours, and when I’m off I train my ass off, and even when I’m on part of the requirement to be here, I have to lift weights, I still have to do my cardio. It’s the best job you could possibly have to be a fighter."

TLOS: How did the Paul Taylor fight come to be?

Lytle: “[After the Koscheck fight], I told them [the UFC] what kind of fights I wanted to be in. I don’t want a guy who wants to go to decision. I want a guy who wants to end me. They came back about 5 minutes later and said, ‘I got a fight for ya’’…He [Paul Taylor] reminds me a lot of me.”

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