Thursday, November 13, 2008

It Never Ends

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EliteXC is dead, but here we are still having to talk about it. Sad really.

Last week I reported that Showtime will be holding a public auction on November 17th to liquidate ProElite's remaining assets, including fighter contracts. Now there is a group of men working together to stop that auction, and not a single one of them works for ProElite.

A gathering of MMA managers have joined forces to declare their opposition for Showtime's auction. The names included several high-profile representatives like Monte Cox, Ken Pavia, Ed Soares and American Top Team president Dan Lambert. Pavia and Cox in particular have never shown anything but hostility towards one another, but Pavia explains that this situation is different:

"I have 12 fighters that are under contract to ProElite and I figured the position would be stronger if other agents shared my voice. So I approached Monte Cox, another well known agent, and asked him what his desire was in terms of the position of his athletes and our concerns fit each other to a ‘t.' And together we thought through the process and approached a couple of agents, and to a man, they were supportive of the effort."

For those that missed the news last week, Showtime is holding the auction to recoup their reported $6.3 million losses suffered towards the end of EliteXC's existence. This includes $4 million in outright loans and another $2 million used to fund EliteXC's final shows. According to Pavia and the other managers though, the auction is not being held in their fighter's best interests and the contracts being auctioned off are non-transferable.

As of now Showtime has released no formal statement and by all accounts the auction will still go off this coming Monday. Look for more on this story next week.

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