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Joe Riggs Talks Jake Shields and More on FightHype.com

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"I would like to fight Jake Shields; I would. I think he's an unbelievable fighter. I'm not calling him out or disrespecting him, but I think Jake is an unbelievable fighter. To be in a fight like that would be very exciting and I think it's a similar fight to the Luke Stewart fight, but Jake's a little better. I think it would be a great fight and a great win. It's a fight that I would like to have," stated MMA welterweight contender Joe Riggs as he talked about his future plans after his win over Luke Stewart at Strikeforce: Destruction. Check out what else he had to say.

PC: Congrats on your win over Luke Stewart.

JR: Thank you. I appreciate it.

PC: How did you feel in there?

JR: I felt bad honestly because I broke my hand like 30 seconds into the fight. I felt shitty, but it turned out good so it's good.

PC: Did you realize it was broke as soon as it happened?

JR: Oh fuck yeah! I broke my hand before in a fight, but I usually never know until after the fight. When I broke it this time, it was like, "Oh god!" I couldn't defend takedowns from my left side at all. I was nervous because I couldn't do anything. I was waiting for it to numb up so I could use it and thank God it did in the 2nd round.

PC: What's the timetable on the injury as far as you getting back into the gym?

JR: I'll start training in a couple days actually. I'll go back Monday and get my cast off because they put 6 screws and a plate in it so once I get the cast off, I'll be able to do my running and shit like that, but I won't be able to hit with it until February.

PC: It was impressive before knowing that you broke your hand, but it makes it that much more special knowing that it happened so early. How do you feel about your overall performance?

JR: I'm happy about it. Luke Stewart is a tough guy. I think it's a little more satisfying personally when you win when something like that happens. You tell yourself, "If I break my hand in a fight…" You would like to say you would continue and that you would do certain things, but you never know until you're in that situation. Now I know what will happen. I know I'll suck it up and keep hitting with that broke hand if I have to. It's good. I ended up catching him with that big right hook that knocked him down and then I hit him with my broke hand like 10 times on the ground so you do what you gotta do to make that money.

PC: Once you had him hurt, you were all over him. How important was it, with the condition of your hand, to end it there?

JR: When I took him down and was on top of him, the reason I took him down was because I wanted to be able to use my right hand more. I hurt him with a big shot when I was on top of him and then I let him back up and when I hit him with that real big right hook, I knew it was just a matter of time before I finished him off. He was actually knocked out down at my feet. Big John didn't know it so I had to wrap on him a couple more times just to get him to stop the fight. I knew I had to finish him then because I could feel my hand swelling over my glove.

PC: Luke is definitely no push over for anyone. How important was this win for you?

JR: It was real important. Any time you're coming off of a loss, and I was coming off of a tough loss to Misaki which I thought, for certain reasons, I was robbed in that fight; when you come off of a loss, you always have to come back with a win. When I was in the UFC, I would always come back after a tough loss with a big win. That seems to be how my career has gone, but now I can't lose. I have to keep the winning streak going and put some wins together.

PC: How did you feel being back at 170 Joe?

JR: I feel real good. I cut about 10 pounds. I didn't gas out. I feel really strong. I'm happy about the weight cut and this is where I'm going to stay.

PC: You've been through so much inside and outside of the cage. What keeps you motivated in this fight game?

JR: The main thing is to be a champion. I want to reach the peak of what I'm capable of. I'm capable of a lot of things. I have a lot of talent and I know what I'm capable of; and ultimately to make a living for my family. I've had like 50 fights and people forget that I'm only 26 years old and I have a lot of years to improve and I'm trying to do that.

PC: You're very young and I think a lot of people forget because you have been in so many fights. What do you feel you need to do to become more consistent and keep the wins rolling like you alluded to earlier?

JR: I think my age has a big part to do with it. When I was in the limelight, early in my career, 21-years-old fighting for the title, I wasn't ready mentally to be in that position. I would go out every fight scared to death. I really would. Fighting Matt Hughes at only 22-years-old is a lot for any kid to take in, but now, at 26-years-old, I have big fights under my belt. I have big wins and big losses and I'm ready to take the next step in my career.

PC: You seem to be making Strikeforce your home. How do you feel about the promotion?

JR: Yeah man, they're a quality show man. Scott Coker is an unbelievable promoter and person. He's a genius man. There's a reason the guy has been around since the 80's. They're a great promotion. It's the UFC and then there is Strikeforce. You have 1 or 2 choices when you're at the elite level and I'm glad to be a part of Strikeforce.

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