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The Life and Times of Jay Hieron, Volume 1

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This is the first installation in what will be a series of weekly (time permitting) entries on the life of Jay Hieron, as told by Jay. There is likely a lot you don’t know about Jay. For one he was involved in the bloodiest fight in UFC history. A fight UFC has kept the public, outside of the fans in attendance at the Hard Rock to watch UFN 1, from seeing. Jay dominated that fight but lost due to a cut. You also probably don’t know that Jay is one of the most intriguing and cerebral athletes in the fight game today. Check out The Life and Times of Jay Hieron and learn about this incredible young man.

Jay Hieron isn’t his real name, but it is what everyone calls him. If you’re writing him a check make it out to James Hieronymous. Jay changed Hieronymous to Hieron for fighting purposes since he got tired of people mispronouncing his surname as “hairy mouse”. That mistake was made a lot during his High School and college wrestling careers. But ask Jay and he’ll tell you, “I love the name Hieronymous. I’m proud of my last name and my mother. I just don’t want to hear ring announcers saying here comes the hairy mouse.”

Jay’s mother is Theo Hieronymous. She and her then husband John adopted Jay when he was a baby. Jay’s mother was a young woman from Coney Island in Brooklyn. She had some issues and wasn’t ready to raise a child. So Jay became a part of the seven child Hieronymous family, joining an adopted brother and two sisters to go with the three children Theo and John had together.

The Hieronymous’ lived in Freeport a town on Long Island’s South Shore not far from the Queens border. Freeport is what is politely called a town in transition. It has a beautiful harbor area called the Nautical Mile where families sit on piers and enjoy local clams and lobsters in the summer. But Freeport is best known as a rough and tumble town where drugs, crime, shootings and stabbings cause the working class to never get too comfortable. It was in the rough edged Northern part of Freeport that borders on the shady sections of Baldwin and Roosevelt that Jay was raised.

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