Tuesday, February 17, 2009

10 Questions With Lyle Beerbohm (2/4/2009)

Originally posted on the MMAspace.com

10 Questions With Lyle Beerbohm (by Darrick Patrick)

Lyle "Fancy Pants" Beerbohm is a professional mixed martial artist who has appeared in organizations such as ShoXC, King Of The Cage, Strikeforce, Xtreme Cage Combat, SportFight, Elite Warriors Championship, Conquest Of The Cage, and Ringside Ticket.

Darrick: How did you end up competing in professional mixed martial arts?

Lyle: I just love to fight, so it seemed like a good route for me to take.

Darrick: Any words of advice for other individuals looking to train in MMA?

Lyle: Give it a shot - it's fun even if you don't compete.

Darrick: Who are some of the people that greatly influenced you while growing up?

Lyle: My mom and dad had the biggest impact in my life.

Darrick: What does a normal training session for you consist of?

Lyle: A typical workout for me is mainly just lots of fighting.

Darrick: Who are a few of the people in the sport that you highly respect?

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