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PRO MMA exclusive - UFC’s Jake O’Brien: Overcoming adversity and looking to be a force at 205

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PRO MMA: We’ll be seeing you and Jon Jones go at it at UFC 100 in July. After seeing Jones’s victory over Bonnar, did you think it was a possibility that you might be facing him next?
Jake O’Brien: After that fight I had a feeling they might put us together. We’re both young, I had a feeling that it would be a good chance it would be me and him, so I’ve actually been thinking about it and I’m pretty excited about it.

PRO MMA: How do you feel about all the hype surrounding Jon Jones following his dominating victory over Stephan Bonnar? He threw Bonnar all over the Octagon, and connected with a variety of strikes. How do you think you will match up against him?
Jake O’Brien: Well he kind of just threw Bonnar around you know; there’s no way he’s going to do that to me, my wrestling is a lot better than Bonnar’s is. I think that’s whats going to give Jones trouble, is someone thats got a lot better wrestling.

PRO MMA: You dropped from HW to the 205 division and won your first fight at Light Heavyweight against Christian Wellisch. How hard is it to make that drop down to 205 for each fight?
Jake O’Brien: Usually I’m walking around right around 230, low 230’s, so it’s pretty tough, but honestly after the first time, I’ve already done it once, and had no issues. Now I can pretty much eat whatever I want, then once I get a little closer and start dieting, actually here in a few weeks, it should be easier the second time around.

PRO MMA: Did your release from the UFC following the Arlovski loss result in you dropping to 205, or were the events unrelated?
Jake O’Brien: No, actually they cut me after the Arlovski fight, but needed someone to fight Cain Velasquez so they re-signed me for that fight. After that fight I decided to cut to 205.

PRO MMA: How much pressure does that add to you as a fighter knowing that the UFC can cut you at just about any time.
Jake O’Brien: Yeah, in the UFC you can get cut at anytime. The first time I got cut I had only lost once. [I lost] just once in the UFC after Arlovski and I got cut. You have to perform at your best at all times.


PRO MMA: Are there any shout outs you’d like to give or any sponsors you’d like to thank?
Jake O’Brien: I’d like to thank Ken Pavia and MMA Agents!

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