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PRO MMA exclusive interview: Zak Cummings, TUF 10 tryouts and beyond

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Zak Cummings trains out of Springfield Fight Club in Springfield Missouri, and is 9-0 as a professional mixed martial artist. Coming off a big win over UFC veteran Terry Martin this February at XCF: Rumble in Racetown I, fighting eight times in one year, juggling fighting, school, and two jobs, the young fighter is looking to continue to build on his momentum in the fight game.

The undefeated 24 year old fighter is at this time en route to Seattle, Washington to try out for The Ultimate Fighter season 10. He has his mind set on making the house, excelling on the show, and taking his career to the next level as a fighter in the UFC.

Regardless of what happens with The Ultimate Fighter, expect to see Zak Cummings in a major organization in the near future. With a strong wrestling background and an ever expanding well rounded game, Zak has won six of his nine fights by either KO or submission. Zak took some time out of his insanely busy schedule to talk with PRO MMA ( about The Ultimate Fighter, his career, and his camp:

PRO MMA: Zak, So I understand that you will be flying out soon for a shot at The Ultimate Fighter Season 10…
Zak Cummings: Yeah I’m getting ready to fly out of here Sunday, to see if I can’t get on the show and get a little more exposure out there.

PRO MMA: We’ve all seen multiple seasons of the show by now, and hear from former cast members how difficult and crazy it can be living in that house. How do you think being in the house would be with all those crazy guys?
Zak Cummings: I think it would be fun. I’m one of those that like to have a good time. You’re going to have the characters on there, and I’d probably just sit back and laugh at them, and feed off of them. I don’t really let too much stuff get to me, so you can kind of make fun of me or do what you want, and I’d just give it right back. I don’t really get upset about anything, I think it would be fun actually. I’m sure it could get pretty stressful, away from the outside world for so long, and be in a house with a bunch of testosterone and fighters… I don’t know, I think it would be alright, I’d make the best of it.

PRO MMA: In addition to fighting, you also go to school full time. Tell us a little bit about that.
Zak Cummings: I’m a senior at Missouri State University, majoring in exercise and movement science.


PRO MMA: Zak, thanks a lot for spending so much time with us here at PRO MMA ( Are there any sponsors you would like to thank, or any shout outs you want to send out?
Zak Cummings: I really want to thank my family for standing behind me and supporting me a whole lot. All my team mates, Springfield fight club, my coaches, we just push each other and feed off each other. I have the most exposure at the gym, but I have a lot of great guys there and they’re all just so tough. I want to thank Joe with Nakato’s Steakhouse and Ken from Boyers Tel-com, they’ve really kind of stepped up and helped me, especially helping me get out to Seattle and they’ve been very supportive of my career so far. Sofa Superstore also helps me out with supplements too. MMA Agents, Nathan Brodnax, I have to thank them for getting me all the exposure. I started with those guys right after the Terry Martin fight, and I feel very confident and feel like good things are going to happen for my career.

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