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Lawler vs. Shields Preview

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Andrei Arlovski vs. Brett Rogers

Former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski faces off with Team Bison heavyweight slugger Brett Rogers. The winner of this fight will more than likely get a chance to lock horns with Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem. Don’t expect much ground work out of these two, as they will both be looking to put the other man to sleep.

Arlovski has the advantage on the feet when it comes to pure striking technique and is the faster of the two. For Rogers, he will have the strength and power advantage over the smaller Arlovski. Although unlikely, if the fight were to go to the ground, Arlovski would have the edge with his submission grappling background based in Sambo.

Arlovski has all the tangibles to win the fight and he should win the fight, but his chin will be the question mark. He was winning the fight with Fedor Emelianenko up until his chin failed him and what is there to say that it won’t happen again. Rogers has tons of power in his punches and could very well put Arlovski out. Arlovski needs to stay on the outside and use his speed to get in and out, not staying on the inside where Rogers will have his best chance to end the fight.

Phil Baroni vs. Joe Riggs

In a battle of welterweight sluggers, Las Vegas based striker Phil Baroni takes on the hard-hitting Joe Riggs. These two have had a harsh exchange of words in the weeks leading up to the fight indicating that neither will be holding back in this fight.

These two will more than likely never see any action on the ground until one of them is dazed and confused. Baroni will pack more power in his punches and will have a nice size advantage over Riggs. On the other hand, Riggs will be the much quicker fighter and will have the advantage on the ground if the fight ever gets there.

This fight is one of those guilty pleasures, as it expected that each is going to try and knock the other fighter's head off. Baroni has gone 3-0 since moving down to welterweight and seems to be where he belongs after being outsized at middleweight. Baroni will want to get on the inside and turn the fight into a brawl. That is where he does his best work. Riggs needs to stay on the outside and pick his shots. If that doesn’t work then putting Baroni on his back and pounding him from the top is his other option.

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