Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Pav Says...

The Pav says…

The Pav says… I just got back from a weekend that saw me go from Hawaii for Icon Sport on Friday to Vancouver on Saturday for the Bodog fights… I’ll tell you, the Hawaiian fans are the best I’ve ever seen. The energy is great and they flip out whenever a punch lands. They also LOVE Miller… The Vancouver fans are new to the sport and were sober, with no alcohol permitted in the venue. While BoDog did not skimp on the production, the fans were in a coma for the first eight fights or so… Lesson learned: get them drunk, everyone always has a better time… As much as I fly, I still can’t figure out why the stewardesses wake me to make the seat erect for take off and landing, let a brother relax.

The Pav says… Mayhem, along with Baroni and Tito, are the most entertaining fighters when they are not slinging leather. But Jason edges them both with ring entrances. It wasn’t his night, but you know he won’t take Trigg lightly in the rematch. Mark my words, he will be back bigger and better… How the hell did Trigg make 170 pounds eight months ago? He weighed in at 186 JACKED for the Mayhem fight. He must have taken a ton of Gamma-O and consumed large quantities of something.

The Pav says… Jeremy “Half-Man, Half-Amazing” Williams will surprise you in MMA. He was 41-5 as a heavyweight boxer with 35 KO's. He cut to 205 to fight MMA. Twice, Fields had armbars deep on Williams in Hawaii and twice he got Rampage-slammed. I was sure the arm was going to pop. What surprised me even more was that Jeremy was ducking under punches and taking Fields down to show his diversity. Oh, and yes it is the same Williams that was the coach on The Contender.

The Pav says… Eric Pele showed a true warrior’s spirit. He could have folded the tent under the barrage from Silva but stayed in the game. Homie is 10-2 with some big W's. Kudos to the guy for peeling the shirt too. He is down 150lbs and plans on dropping 50 more to make heavyweight.

The Pav says… Trevor Prangley is the real deal. I would drop a dime on him if he was in against Franklin or A. Silva. He smashed Lutter, beat Stout and Sonnen, and was robbed against Horn. At BoDog, he beat a very good Semenov for a second time. You could hear Andrei wincing every time a body blow or a knee landed. He also has a caveman head. Trevor will wear a strap someday.

The Pav says… I booked eight fights today with four different organizations. This includes four UFC fights. Every fight outside the UFC, including the winner’s share but not sponsors, pays our guys over 20k. I make dreams come true...

The Pav says… My newest signing - Faliniko Vitale - is a BEAST. He’s a natural athlete and with the proper training he will be back on top of the mountain. Walking with him in Hawaii is like being with Brad Pitt in a female prison, or like being with Razor Rob in Huntington Beach. Check out http://www.myspace.com/robrazor

The Pav says… Put your seatbelt on because this web site is just getting started. Tune in for three exclusive stories every week, and look for our pictures section. Just like Reggie Bush, LeBron James, Sidney Crosby, Ryan Howard, Martin Kampmann, Jake O’Brien, and Mike Pyle, we are busting out!

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