Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Pav Says...

The Pav Says…

The Pav says…expect HUGE things from Jake O’Brien in 2007. He has spent the last month in Big Bear with Justin McCully and Sol Soliz getting Tito ready for Chuck. The three-a-days and top-of-the-line MMA coaching have been awesome for him. He is 8-0 with 7 finishes, 2-0 in the UFC, and he is only 22. The UFC just re-upped his deal, and Tito will be in his corner cracking the whip in his next fight. It is on like Donkey Kong for this kid.

The Pav says… with the exception of Fedor, nobody in MMA throws every punch with as bad intentions as Karo. It seemed that gash under his eye only inspired him to pick up the pace. Mad props to Fickett for cutting The Heat early, not going head over heal the whole fight, and weathering the storm. I got to break the news to Fickett that he won the fight of the night bonus. It was quite a sight; he had a cold beer in hand and was getting stitches in his face. He still jumped out of his seat he was so fired up.

The Pav says… the energy on the Marine base for the Ultimate Fight Night was unbelievable. Great crowd and only rivaled as of late by the Hawaiian fans when Mayhem fights.

The Pav says… competition is good for the marketplace so I am rooting for Showtime. The fighters need options and more guys to compliment the Joe Silva’s and Kurt Otto’s of the world – in terms of long-term legitimacy, competition is healthy.

The Pav says… did anybody notice that with the IFL stock at $15 a share, Kurt Otto’s personal holdings in the company exceed $135,000,000. That is significantly more then the Mighty Ducks sold for last year. Dude, no more grinding on the super fights for the boys.

The Pav says… the 60 Minutes’ piece that was viewed by over 16 million people made everyone look good. Renzo and Dana came off great. Loved the part about how Renzo proudly let his arm break as punishment for his mistake in Pride, and Dana’s analogy to the violence in football with two huge guys in pads in peak condition running full speed at each other every play. Come January MSNBC will be airing a five-part MMA series following fighters for weeks leading up to and through their fights. It should be a great series. I was Mic’d for the Sims and Byrnes fights, so keep an eye out for The Pav.

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