Friday, December 22, 2006

Q & A with G.T. 12/22

I recently had the chance to speak with Karo “The Heat” Parisyan following his unanimous decision victory over Drew Fickett at Ultimate Fight Night 7 last Wednesday. With millions of viewers watching on Spike TV, Parisyan and Fickett battled for three grueling, bloody rounds that the UFC honored as “Fight of the Night.” Here is what “The Heat” had to say about the fight, as well as what’s ahead for him in 2007.

GT: You just had “Fight of the Night” with Drew Fickett at UFN 7, can you tell me your thoughts on the fight?

Karo: It was a very good fight for me. I tried to throw him, but he was very slippery. I saw his weakness was with his standup. So I decided to show everyone that I also have standup to my game.

GT: Your cardio looked much improved, did you anything in particular or different in regards to your conditioning?

Karo: I began running more, and I am not a big fan of running. I still was not in great condition though.

GT: You received a large cut under your eye during the fight, how did it affect you and how many stitches do you receive?

Karo: The cut did not affect me much, it just made me angry. I looked up at the big screen and I saw it was pretty big, but I did not affect me. I received 8-10 stitches inside and out. They went in and stitched it up, no big deal.

GT: What do you see coming up in 2007 for Karo Parisyan? You were in line for a title shot in November 2005, do you feel you are due for a title shot?

Karo: Sure, I will fight whoever the UFC puts in front me. I have to take care of some more guys, then I will go after Georges (St. Pierre) or whoever has the title.

GT: How did you meet Ken Pavia? And how has he helped your career?

Karo: I met Ken through Jeremy Lappen. He has helped me tremendously with sponsorships. He has done a great job.


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