Thursday, December 07, 2006

Q & A with G.T.

Q&A with G.T. - Steve Byrnes

A former sergeant in the U.S. Marines, Steve Byrnes is making his UFC debut against Logan Clark on December 13, 2006 at Ultimate Fight Night 7 on Spike TV. Fittingly enough, the event is being held at a marine base in San Diego, CA.

"The Sergeant" has been undefeated since making his professional mixed martial arts debut in January 2005, compiling a 6-0 record with six submissions.

Most recently, Byrnes dominated Joshua Ferreira at Hawaii-based X-1 show in October 2006 en route to a rear naked choke victory midway through the first round. Dressed in camouflage, full fatigues and with the American flag in hand as he makes his entrance, you know that Byrnes is always ready to go to war.

I recently sat down with Steve as he was getting ready to head to the mainland for his UFC debut.

GT: Steve, you are making your debut in the UFC Dec 13. Tell me what you thought when you received the call.

Steve: I was shocked. This is something that all fighters want. My dreams had come true and this will be a day I will never forget. This is the best opportunity in my life.

GT: What is your fighting background?

Steve: My background is in wrestling. I have been wrestling since I was 12 years old. I have been grappling for eight years. I consider myself a submission fighter.

GT: Tell me about your upcoming fight in the UFC?

Steve: I am facing Logan Clark and he is 7-0. I have trained harder for this fight than all the rest of my fights. I will do whatever it takes to get a victory.

GT: Should all go well in the UFC, what do you see for yourself in the future?

Steve: I see bigger and better fights. I want to become a professional fighter full time. My main goal is to make this a career.

GT: You were the head instructor for the Marines MMA class. Tell me about this experience.

Steve: I am a 1st degree black belt. My job was to teach other Marines how to teach MMA. I was the head instructor trainer. It was exciting and an experience that I will never forget.

GT: Tell me how you met Ken Pavia. And has he made your dreams come true?

Steve: I met Ken at the weigh-ins at my last fight in X1 (Hawaii). He walked up to me and told me that Phil Baroni had mentioned me. He asked me what I wanted to do in my career. I looked him straight in the eyes and told him that I wanted to fight in Vegas. He gave me his card, I called him a week later and he made everything he promised a reality. Ken Pavia has made all my dreams come true.



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