Monday, January 15, 2007

Q & A with G.T. 1/15

After years of fighting for little more than a few hundred dollars and the adulation of his loyal hometown fanbase in the local Arizona show Rage in the Cage, Vince Lucero has finally hit the big time. Fresh off an impressive performance in October against top super-heavyweight Eric Pele (a decision loss) in Hawaii's X-1: Extreme Wars, Lucero was recently named the heavyweight starter for Frank Shamrock's IFL team, the San Jose Razorclaws. Hailing from the small, dusty mining town of Casa Grande, AZ, Lucero (17-10 record) is scheduled to make his IFL debut against Roy Nelson of Ken Shamrock's Nevada Lions on Jan. 19th in Oakland, CA. Here is what the man they call "El Marro" had to say about the IFL opportunity, his upcoming opponent and about his relationship with MMAagents:

G.T.: Congratulations on your new IFL deal, how did you feel when you received the phone call from MMAagents?

Vince: I was almost in tears, words can't explain how I felt. I have always bounced around smaller shows and fought some tough guys. I thank MMAagents, Pavia, Ciscone & Associates, and the IFL for this great opportunity.

G.T.:You are being coached by Frank Shamrock, tell me your thoughts on being coached by one of the legends of mixed martial arts.

Vince: The great thing about fighting for the IFL is that they pay you to train with some of the greatest fighters of all time. I have so much respect for Frank. I can't wait to go in and learn from one of the best fighters of all time.

G.T.: Your fight is on January 19 at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, tell me about your opponent, Roy Nelson.

Vince: Roy is a very tough guy. He has great jiu-jitsu. I need to stop the takedowns and I will be fine. I definitely do not want to go to the ground. He definitely does not want to stand up with me.

G.T.: What have you done in your training to help you prepare for your fight?

Vince: I have always hated running, and now running is second nature to me. I run 3-5 miles a day and I am in the best shape in my life. I weight train in the afternoon and then head off to wrestling and jiu-jitsu at Genesis jiu-jitsu.

G.T.: Tell me how Ken Pavia and MMAagents has helped your career.

Vince: Ken has changed my life along with my family's life. This is the most money I have ever made in my career. I didn't have a career until Ken got me the fight with Pele at the X-1 event in Hawaii. Ken got me even more money than people realize. Now with the IFL, when you include my two months of base salary, I will make more in one fight than my entire career, almost 30 fights. The other night he called me around midnight because he saw something in the 22-page contract he didn't like and wanted to make sure it was okay with me. Who the else is doing this? He always makes sure he is there or that one of his associates, you, G.T., or the Cube, is there for his fighters. That way the fighters don't have to worry about anything, they take care of everything. I love the man and my family does too, and you should see him with his fighters, they love him too. Ricco (Rodriguez) recommended him to me. I am so grateful for everything Ken and MMAagents have done for me. He made my dreams come true.



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