Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Q & A with GT - a sit down with UFC vet Sean Salmon

[GT]Since your last fight in the UFC in May, rumor has it that you have been idle sitting in front of the television eating bon-bons, is this true?

[SS](Laughing) NO, nothing could be further from the truth. I have been real active. I am fighting constantly everywhere from Cleveland to Finland. It has been a great experience and I just want to keep active and work on my technique.

[GT] You recently have dropped down from the 205 division to the 185 division, why did you make the change?

[SS]I was a small light heavy weight. I decided to go down to 185 because I feel quicker and stronger at that weight. I want to become the next champion with a big organization and i felt my best bet was at 185's. I want to prove to everyone that I have the tools to cause havoc in the 185 division.

[GT] You have an outstanding wrestling background. What have you done to overcome the stereotype in MMA that wrestlers are boring?

[SS]I have always tried to keep a open mind. I train in all aspects of my game. If you want to stand then I will stand. I don’t believe wrestling is the savior of MMA. I believe that you need to be well rounded in this sport to become successful and that is why I train so hard in all aspects of the game.

[GT] What has MMA Agents done for your career?

[SS] When I signed with Ken Pavia and MMA Agents my career was at a crossroads. I had just come off two losses in the UFC. In the last 5 months I have learned that MMA Agents know how to direct a fighters career to become successful.

[GT] I want to thank you Sean for your time and I want to wish you luck in your career. Is there anybody you would like to thank?

[SS] I would like to thank my wife and my son. I would also like to thank Tapout for their support (www.inyaface.com). Finally I would like to thank Ken Pavia and GT from MMA Agents for all their help.



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