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De Ja Vu? Carlo Prater Expects the Same Against Carlos Condit

Submitted by:Arias Garcia Jr.
Originally Posted on : 1/24/2008 on ADCC News

Carlo Prater is probably one of the most deserving fighters not to get a chance to compete in one of the big shows. He has seen many fighters, even some that he has beaten, get a shot in the UFC and Pride, but he waited. The wait is now over. On Wednesday, February 13th, 2008, Prater will face the World Extreme Cagefighting Welterweight Champion, Carlos Condit in Albuquerque, New Mexico. From getting nothing to getting the biggest fight in his career, Prater could have his career sky rocket with a victory over Condit, a fighter he defeated years ago. Will the rematch have the same result? Here is what Prater told ADCC News in this Q&A.

ADCC: Carlo in the last two years, you have only fought three times. Why haven’t you been more active lately? CARLO: Great question. I had a fight left with the MFC and it was supposed to be against (Eddie) Alvarez for their title but I ended up fighting Derrick Noble. I trained in Brasilia, very well for the fight, however the last training session before leaving for Atlantic City, I rolled my ankle, spraining it pretty badly and just wasn't able to fight well at all on those conditions. That’s not an excuse, however, Derrick beat me fair and square. When I got back to Brasilia, I decided to take some time off to rehab and physical therapy my ankle. I lifted and gained weight, and waited for another fight. That only came at the end of 2006 in Curitiba at Storm Samurai, then in February of 2007 I fought in Art of War, and then in September of 2007, I fought in Art of War. I was only able to get these fights offered to me and that’s why I fought so little.

ADCC: You talked about training in Brazil. How has the move back home? CARLO: I was really homesick and the timing was right for me to go back. My dad was recovering from cancer and I wanted to be with my longtime girlfriend again, I just missed it you know? I am really glad I went back. The whole city is behind me. I have a fun healthy lifestyle there and I have great friends, family, trainers and training partners. Now my son was born and that’s really is where I believe I will stay.

ADCC: Who are you currently training with now and are there any fighters you brining to the camp to help you? CARLO: In Brasilia I train with RFT Luta Livre, currently a brown belt, Banni Club Jiu-Jitsu, I am a Brown belt there, Miura Judo, I am a Black belt there, RKT Kickboxing squad, Bangkok Team Muay Thai, Gugu and his boxers out in Sobradinho. In Houston I train at the Metro Fight Club with Saul Soliz as my trainer. My sparring partners are Yves Edwards, Melvin Guillard, Lee King, Rocky Long, Todd Moore and some others. I've got a very well rounded crew of people to constantly push me.

ADCC: You have defeated fighters like UFC veterans Spencer Fisher, Keith Wisniewski and Melvin Guillard and also battled fighters like Drew Fickett and Derrick Noble. How hard was it for you to watch those guys fight in big events when you didn’t get the call yet? CARLO: All those guys are warriors and they deserved their shots. This is my shot and I am concentrating on it.

ADCC: Well you made it to the big show and your going to have a huge opportunity when you take on Carlos Condit for the WEC Welterweight Title on February 13, 2008. How excited are you and do you think Carlos asked for this fight to rematch you? CARLO: I am very excited and really looking forward to this tremendous opportunity. I don’t know if he asked for this rematch, but I would imagine so.

ADCC: Talk about your first fight with him and how you both have changed since then.
CARLO: Our first fight was in Albuquerque at his trainer, Tom Vaughn's show called Fightworld. It was a short fight, I won. I have seen him become a lot more focused as a fighter, and his skills have come along as well. I have had to mature a lot as well, and pick up new techniques and skills to better myself as well.

ADCC: How much of it is an advantage to you that you have one victory over him? CARLO: I wouldn't even mention it as an advantage. It's a different night and a different fight as well.

ADCC: Will this fight have the same result as the first? CARLO: For Sure! I am doing everything I can to prepare for victory.

ADCC: Before we let you go, you mentioned the birth of your son. Congratulations and how much sleep have you gotten since the birth? CARLO: Thank you very much! There is nothing like it. The first couple of months my sleep was affected but since August or so, he literally sleeps like a baby!

ADCC: Well thanks for your time Carlo and good luck against Condit. Do you have anything to say to your fans or sponsors? CARLO: To my fans, thank you for your support and interest, I will fight with all of my soul. Thanks to Elite Fight Gear, House of Pain, Pitbull Mortgage School, Gamma-O, Starz MouthGuards, Forcefield, Fight Time Fitness, and Thank you Arias.



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