Friday, February 29, 2008

In the Clinch with Julian - MMA Agents Sits down with Undefeated Heavyweight "Irish" Jake O'Brien

By Julian Gregorio

Question: Are you fully recovered from your injury ? After your surgery have you had to take it easy because of the injury?
Answer: I'm recovered 100 percent. I've been training hard since November and haven't had any problems. Once I started back training I didn't miss any practices because of the neck.

Question: How many fights do you have left in your contract with the UFC?
Answer: 3 fights left

Question: What are your expectations for the fight against Arlovski? How is training going?
Answer: I expect Arlovski to come out aggressive in this one. I'm preparing for his best. I think he's gonna fight to prove he still has that aggression in him. Training has been better than ever. I've had some great big guys to work with. I'm in better shape than ever.

Question: Who do you train with and what's your team?
Answer: I train with the integrated fighting team out of Indianapolis.

Question: What did you think about the fight between Antonio Minotauro and Tim Sylvia?
Answer: Sylvia and Nog was a great fight. Up until he got caught I think Sylvia looked better than he ever has. Nog is amazing I don't think there's a tougher fighter in the sport and I have a ton of respect for him and would love to fight him sometime.

Question: Did you expect such a dominant performance in your fight against Heath Herring?
Answer: against herring it was a big jump up in competition so I wasn't sure what to expect. I was confident and that grew more and more as the fight went on

Question: Is there any fighter you would especially like to face?
Answer: Arlovski is a guy I've always wanted to fight I think it’s a great challenge and I'm excited about it.

Julian: Thanks a lot for the interview and feel free to send messages to your fans, sponsors...

Jake: Big thanks to Sprawl for doing my shorts, Hitman for my shirts, Serious Pimp, No Wimps, and Integrated Design for sponsoring me for this fight.

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