Thursday, May 01, 2008

Q&A: James Thompson talks Kimbo Slice

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What are your thoughts on Kimbo Slice as an opponent?
I think he’s an excellent opponent for me as the attention and exposure he will brings to a fight is invaluable. Plus although he is an aggressive dangerous striker, he’s been far from tested as of yet!

How do you feel about fighting in the United States ?
It’s great to be part of the explosion of MMA, which just seems to keep growing in the United States. The fans are growing in knowledge all the time plus on a personal level, I couldn’t have asked for better supporting fans.

What sort of gameplan will you bring into the bout?
I’m not afraid to strike with Kimbo, obviously I don’t want it to be a 3 round stand up war, so I plan to put him on his back when the opportunity arises.

Can we expect your patented running at an opponent from the opening bell?
I never like to say, but the ‘Gong N Dash’ does un-nerve opponents and it is very entertaining, so I guess you’ll all have to tune in and see.

How do you see this fight going?
With me getting back on track in the biggest possible way, with surely world domination just round the corner and maybe a bit of beard burn for my trouble!

Thanks for your time, thanks to all The JT War wagon and all the other fans that support me in America and over the world. I appreciate it



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