Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Loiseau and Prater Victorious at Raw Combat: Resurrection in Calgary

Raw Combat: Resurrection
By Steve Rowbotham (

Mike Rowbotham vs. Mike Zvonick

They touch gloves and Zvonick bullrushes Rowbotham into the fence. They clinch for a bit, then Rowbotham puts Zvonick to the mat, but he pops up quickly. Zvonick throws connects with a nice overhand punch that sends Rowbotham backpedalling with Zvonick in pursuit still throwing bombs and connecting with some. Rowbotham is covering well and shoots for a double leg out of desperation but Zvonick sprawls and takes Rowbothams back, but Rowbotham is having none of it and spins into half guard, and eventually into guard. Zvonicks pace has slowed and as he postures up, Rowbo throws a leg over his shoulder and locks in a loose triangle, Zvonick slips the choke but falls right into an armbar and is forced to tap at 2:14 of Round 1.

Adam Farr vs. Dami Egbeyemi

Both guys come out aggressive throwing hard kicks and punches. Dami is landing kicks to the ribs of Farr and his side is RED, but Farr keeps on coming. The fight went three rounds, about 13 mins on the feet, and 2 mins on the mat. Dami had the better of Farr in both aspects and took a Unanimous decision.

Nathan Gunn vs. Max Dalsin

Dalsin is the hometown kid and has won his last two fights in dominating fashion. Gunn is a tough kid from Thunder Bay, ON. Gunn immediately takes the fight to Dalsin putting him on his back and dropping elbows on his face. Dalsin gives his back and Gunn locks in a fight ending rear naked choke at 4:02 of the first round. Impressive win by Gunn.

Kurt Southern vs. Charlie Zac

I didnt know much about either fighter going into the event. After some feeling out, Southern shoots in on Zac and slams him hard to the canvas. Zac is deducted a point for elbows to the back of the head. The fight restarts with Southern on top and he starts dropping bombs, one of which hits Zac in the eye and he verbally submits and immediately runs from the cage. Southern wins by verbal submission at 1:57 of round 1.

Len Tam vs. Chris Desaultels (LFC Featherweight Title)

Desaultels has a huge reach advantage and he comes out pumping his jab very effectively before taking Tam to the mat. Tam seizing opportunity locks up an Omoplata for the win at 3:00 of round 1.

Kajan Johnson vs. Douglas Evans

Both fighters come out aggressive throwing punches and kicks. Head kicks miss for both fighters and they clinch against the cage for a while. Evans scores a takedown but doesnt do a lot with it. The round ends. Good round. 10-9 Evans
The second round begins and Kajan comes in like a bat out of hell and rocks Evans putting him to the ground. He works for Evans back and locks up a rear naked choke at 0:57 of round 2. Big win for Kajan!

Carlo Prater vs. Garett Davis

They clinch against the cage for the entire first round. Seriously. 10-9 Prater for control. Round two sees much of the same but Prater is unloading with standing elbows on Davis. 10-9 Prater. Round 3 both fighters come out swinging, but again Prater gets the better of davis and earns the Unanimous decision.

Bibiano Fernandes vs. Juan Barrantes

Bibiano is a 5 time world BJJ champion, and Barrantes is a jitz fighter with lower credentials, and as much as I love Juan, it showed. First round, Bibiano puts Juan down and unloads a barrage of elbows cutting Juan's head open in like 4 different spots. He dominates the remainder of the round with grappling but Juan defends well. Round 2 Juan drops Bibiano but he recovers well and spends the next two rounds putting on a grappling clinic on Juan, but again, Juan defends, and Bibiano easily earns a Unanimous Decision.

Travis Galbraith vs. Martin Desilets

Very intense staredown that ends with Desilets shoving Galbraith. They come out swinging and they end up clinching against the cage. They seperate and Galbraith is throwing bombs! He catches Desilets in a standing guillotine but Martin works out of it and takes Galbraith to the mat. Galbraith locks onto a triangle choke forcing Martin to tap at 4:14 of round 1.

David Loiseau vs. Andrew Buckland

Both fighters touch gloves and back away. Buckland lands a nice leg kick before being FLOORED by a Loiseau right hand. He gets up to his hand and knees and another shot puts him back out. The official time is 0:20 of round 1. Impressive win by Loiseau.

Dan Hornbuckle vs. Nabil Khatib (Raw Combat Welterweight Title)

Nornbuckle puts Nabil on the matt early and works for submissions. Nabil shows good defense, but eventually Hornbuckle finds the rear naked choke at 3:58 of round 1. Impressive win by Hornbuckle.

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