Tuesday, July 01, 2008

“5 Quick Questions” With Phil Baroni The NYBA


I have always been a fan of Phil Baroni and sent a request for him to participate in my new “5 Quick Questions” segment. I was able to ask The New York Bad Ass Phil Baroni a few questions about his future in MMA and his training regimen. Before I relay the interview I want to say that Phil replied to my interview request only a few hours after I e-mailed him and was a cordial and respectful person. Baroni has a busy schedule, but participated in ”5 Quick Questions” with PRO MMA. OK!!!! Lets get to the good stuff.

My first Question to Phil Baroni 10-10 in MMA was about his future. Phil, how much longer do you plan on fighting?

PHIL: “As long as I feel good. I think I have some good years left in me.”

Will your next fight be with EliteXC?

PHIL: “I believe so.”

Do you still train with Hammer House? I noticed Marc Coleman in your corner for your fight on CBS May 31st. You seem like a loyal person.

PHIL: “Im a member of the Hammer House for life.”

Who are you training with and where do you call home now? It is hard to keep track of which camp you are involved with the last few years.

PHIL: “I live an train in Vegas at Randys gym an at Warriors gym. I train for my fights an set up camp in San Jose at AKA”

I know you have never been picky, but at this stage of your career who would you like to fight next?

PHIL “I’ll fight anyone they put in front of me, always have always will.”

We wouldn’t expect anything less from you Phil. After a loss to Joey Villasenor on May 31st, Phil Baroni is now 10-10 in MMA. His record can be deceiving though; he fights top contenders in top promotion and two of his last three fights were for a title. Here at Pro MMA we wish Phil the best of luck with the rest of his career.



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