Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Anthony Johnson's Agent to Appeal TKO Loss


That’s the word according to this post on the Underground Forum.

If you are not familiar with the situation. Anthony Johnson fought Kevin Burns at the Ultimate Fight Night event this past Saturday night. The fight was competitive with Johnson more than likely leading on the scorecards. However, several times during the fight…Burns poked Johnson in the eye’s as he was attempting to throw punches. In the 3rd and final round…Burns poked Johnson in the eye again with a jab and then followed with an uppercut that barely glanced Johnson if it connected at all. Johnson immediately went down and screamed that he was poked in the eye to the referee. However, the ref stopped the fight and awarded the TKO win to Burns.

Even Burns admitted that he poked Johnson in the eye…and gave explanation as to why it kept happening over and over. To Johnson’s credit he gave Burns his due as a tough fighter and didn’t complain about the decision. However, it looks as if Johnson’s agent…Ken Pavia is looking appeal the decision. In my opinion, the fight should have ended in a no contest…or a DQ win for Johnson. I suppose we’ll have to wait until the final verdict is given on the appeal.

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