Monday, July 14, 2008

Brett Rogers Vs. Kimbo Slice: The Demise of the Posterboy

by kevin curran

Come October, EliteXC will have a dilemma. What to do with Kimbo Slice?

At the moment, Slice has a maniac persona. He has this image that he is unstoppable. This deteriorated after the Thomson fight. He was then subsequently called out by Brett Rogers in the post fight.

This led to a war of words and then Kimbo's entourage yelled at Rogers. However, most feel Rogers was right when he said that Kimbo's performance was "garbage."

Now from the start of Kimbo's career, I have disliked him. I would talk about MMA and then an ignorant casual fan would say something like "Fedor who? Kimbo would kill him!"

This Kimbo phenomenon will hopefully die down when he is smoked by either Rogers or the first grappler he faces.

No matter how many times Bas Rutten tries to teach Kimbo how to be a smarter, better fighter I just dont think Kimbo has what it takes. Unless, of course, EliteXC pays off the ref like last time.

On that point I am going to use some MMA math. I HATE MMA math, but in this case it makes sense, and this is rare. For this example we will use James Thomson.

Brett Rogers managed to dispose of Thomson at 2:24 in the first round, while Kimbo worked his way through a tap out and the worst stoppage of the new millennium.

So it seems to me that Rogers beats Kimbo at his own game in striking. Kimbo has nothing else, so what does he do? Gets KTFO. Here's to Kimbo's career going down the toilet!



Blogger CHRIS said...


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Anonymous madheartmma said...

Kimbo, well we seen what happened when he fought a ufc opponent, he has a good following but, he’s not a mma caliber fighter…yet, he needs to go to a good school (American top team) in Florida, or Greg Jackson’s school to get training with top quality athletes. He needs to develop a ground game and work on his cardio for real. Bas Rutten, was good in his time, but the mma world has evolved SO much. I think Shamrock would of beat him anyway. But it doesn’t matter. EliteXC just folded, where’s Kimbo gonna fight now? Smaller shows? King of the Cage? He wouldn’t make it at this time in his career. Real talk.

8:33 AM  
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