Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Dewees Feels He’s Already Beaten Nogueira

By Steven Marrocco www.fcfighter.com

FCF recently caught up with Edwin “Babyface” Dewees, who confirmed with FCF that he will be facing Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at Affliction “Banned” on July 19th in Anaheim, California. Dewees replaces Vernon “Tiger” White, who was removed from the card after allegedly testing positive for a diuretic following a kickboxing match in early June.

FCF: When did you first hear that you would be fighting Nogueira?

Dewees: Probably a week ago, I guess. It was an option, and about two days ago was when it was for sure.

FCF: So you’ve signed your bout agreement?

Dewees: Yes.

FCF: What were your first thoughts when you got the option to fight him?

Dewees: I was really excited. This is going to be my first fight at 205, now that I’m bigger, and I wanted to fight somebody good right away. My confidence is higher than it’s ever been and I’m really excited to get an opponent like this to show what I got at 205.

FCF: Earlier, you said this was your “Rocky” opportunity? What do you mean by that?

Dewees: I’m going to be a bajillion to one underdog obviously. I feel—and everyone else that I’ve been training with feels—that I’m going to win. It’s just a huge opportunity. The whole world is going to see me as without a chance to win. I don’t consider it my “Rocky” opportunity, I see it as my “Rocky” moment, because I feel that I’ve already won. My confidence is really up right now.

FCF: What are the keys to winning?

Dewees: I think my keys to winning are going to be stamina, number one. That’s going to be my biggest key to winning. My stamina and my strength are going to be my priority, and I’m going to go to the ground anyways, even though he’s very good on the ground. I haven’t performed as well as I usually do in the gym, in my bigger TV fights. People know that I’m really good on the ground. Obviously, my record shows it, but the general public hasn’t gotten to see it. I believe I’m as good on the ground or better than he is.

FCF: Why do you think you haven’t been able to show your full potential? Has it been fighting on TV?

Dewees: Fighting at 185. I was just listening to the wrong people, trying to be like everyone else. Cutting weight, thinking, as low as I can get down, that’s where I should be fighting. I started to realize that it was just retarded. Everyone around me for years has been telling me, ‘you’re not the same person, you don’t grapple the same, you’re not the same fighter.’ I just assumed they didn’t know what they were talking about. Then I came to realize that I’m not the same person at 185. Now I get to show it.

FCF: But you’re also a lot older, do you think you’ve gotten wiser?

Dewees: Yeah, I definitely have. I’ve been fighting 8 years, and I’m only 25. I grew up. I started listening to myself.

FCF: Well, you’ve taken a lot of fights. Do you plan on slowing down a little bit?

Dewees: Yeah, a little bit. I don’t want to fight three times in one month anymore. The way I train now, it’s not really possible. I won’t be able to train properly to fight every month. To do it properly, to take it as a business, I’m going to have to fight every three months, because I’m going to need some time to rest.

FCF: You mentioned this new strength and conditioning coach. How is he torturing you?

Dewees: In every way possible. He trains Super Bowl football players. The science behind it, and his way of thinking, he’s mimicking exercises that would emulate fighting. I’m embarrassed to admit, I could barely do a pull up, now he has me with 65 lb weights, cranking out pull ups, within three months.

FCF: Does a performance like Sokoudjou’s give you any added hope or confidence? [Author’s note: Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou defeated Nogueira with an early knockout at Pride 33]

Dewees: Not really, I think that fight was a fluke. I’m not going to say he has a weak chin, because everybody can get knocked out like that. I mean, I got submitted by Chris Leben, for God sakes. If he takes that into account, he’s totally mistaken. I’m not dumb enough to think that he has a weak chin, so I’m not basing anything on that fight. I actually don’t want to watch that fight.

FCF: Is this a one-time deal for you or is it a three fight deal?

Dewees: They’re working on the three fights right now, it’s not nailed down, but that’s what we’re working towards.

FCF: Are you working on getting a non-exclusive contract?

Dewees: It’s up in the air. I wouldn’t mind fighting exclusively, if they’re going to take care of me and pay me properly. I think after I beat Nogueira, I’m going to have a lot of leeway, a lot of people are going to want me, so we might want to keep it open for the right people.

FCF: What’s your five year plan?

Dewees: To be the best in the world. When I was at 185, I started losing hope of that. I lost so many fights in a row for that one year period. Now that I’m at 205, I’m rejuvenated, and I’m doing so well and I have so much support. I feel the sky’s the limit.



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