Friday, July 25, 2008

Exclusive interview with Martin Kampmann

By URDirt The Narcisist on 1:19 PM -

A few weeks back we came across an interview that said Martin Kampmann's knee had been injured and he would be out until 2009 at the very least. The report turned out to be bogus as we finally got a hold of Martin and he told us. So we are glad to clear up the situation and inform our fans.

"Ok, no problem I'm not reinjured. I'm training and I can fight as well. No problem. But I have had minor issue with my meniscus for a longer period of time and eventually it will require a smaller surgery. I have not decided whether to get a fight first and get it done after that. Depends on the possible fights. Nothing planned so far. Coming back to USA real soon."

We also got a chance to get a interview with the rising UFC Middleweight who has won 9 fights in a row now and asked him a few questions so we can share with you.

How do you feel coming off of such a long layoff and winning in such convincing fashion at UFC 85 over Jorge Rivera?

I feel very good about that. It's always nice to win, but especially after such a long time not fighting. I was very happy about that win.

You have won 9 fights in a row 17 of 19 overall, how close do you feel you are to a title shot or a step up in competition?

Actually my pro record is 13-1. Sherdog has got it mixed up with some of my amateur fights. More accurate you can find on shootersmma. com or fc fighters database. A title shot is no rush, as long as I win all my fights I'm happy. Eventually I would love to get a title shot though.

Who would be your ideal opponent to fight right now?

I couldn't say, there's so many good fighters at 185, anyone in the UFC is tough. Right now I'm focusing on 185, but that sounds like a good fight and a good opportunity so of course I would consider. :)

What did you think of Anderson Silva's performance at Ultimate Fight Night?

I think he looked great. He's one of my favorite fighters to watch, and he's the champ for a reason.

You currently train out of Xtreme Couture a camp that has some of the best MMA talent in the world. How much has training there improved you and your skills?

I feel I learn something new everyday, there's a lot of people to work with and a lot of people to learn from. It's a pleasure being part of the team.

You come from Denmark what is the perception of mixed martial arts in your home country? Is it well known? Do you get noticed often in the streets?

Very few people in Denmark know much about MMA. It's getting better and we're having small events. But compared to the US it's still a very new sport, and it doesn't get much media attention.

Where do you see yourself as a fighter 5 years from now?

If all goes well at that time I'll be the champ. :)

Do you have anything to say to your fans?

Thanks to everyone supporting me, and thanks to all the fans supporting our sport! Thanks a lot for this interview Martin I really appreciate it.



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