Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Joe Riggs And Ken Pavia W/ the Real Story


I had a chance to catch up with MMA agent Ken Pavia and MMA fighter Joe Riggs this weekend at StrikeForce in San Jose. Although they were being in pulled in every direction, Ken and Joe took the time to speak with me about Riggs being pulled from the June 27th StrikeForce card at the last minute.

Pavia and Riggs told me that they were completely upfront with the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC). They notified the CSAC that Riggs was taking a PRESCRIBED medication for back pain, but would be able to fight. Joe was then pulled from the card and rumors of a failed drug test surfaced. Not only did Joe not fail a drug test, but he was never given one. Ken requested that the CSAC administer a test and was denied. The CSAC also told Pavia that his client was not licensed to fight in the state of CA, and that is why his request was denied. In reality, Joe was scheduled to fight in the failed WCO card in San Diego, CA earlier this year; meaning he was in fact licensed to fight in CA. Pavia said that he does not expect any fines or sanctions to result from this ordeal. Riggs did not test positive for a banned substance and was forthcoming with the CSAC about his back injury.

I find it appalling that the CSAC has once again hurt a fighter’s wallet and lively hood. They also hurt the fans; Riggs was one of the main draws for the event. I can tell you first hand that Joe was in shape and ready to go. He looked lean and in fighting shape. Not only did he not test positive, but he pleaded with the CSAC to test him and was denied. Even amongst this controversy Pavia and Riggs were class acts and expect Riggs to fight again in the near future.

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