Monday, July 14, 2008

Johnson plans UFC domination

by Ben Blackmore, 13 July 2008

Anthony Johnson is not what you would call a big name in The UFC. Not yet anyway. But by the time he finishes his career, he plans to be the most ground-breaking fighter to have ever stepped foot inside The Octagon.

Johnson takes on submissions expert Kevin Burns at UFC Fight Night on July 19, in what will be his fourth appearance in The UFC.

His first three showings have already proved his wrestling is exemplary. And his punching power is notorious – already. But his dreams, his ambitions – if achieved – would leave his mark on The UFC forever.

Johnson currently fights at welterweight, yet his natural weight can take him as high as light-heavyweight. Hence the power.

So which title is Johnson chasing? All of them.

After working his way towards a welterweight title fight with Georges St-Pierre, the 24-year-old plans to ‘to go after 185 and beat everybody up at there.’

Will he be satisfied with holding two belts? “No. BJ Penn, Minotauro (Nogueira) —everybody. If I could drop down to 135/140, I’d do that, too.

“There’s so much competition out there, I would love to test everybody just to see who’s the better man. Test our bodies and spirits.”

For now, he must focus on Burns, a man with a 7-1-0 MMA record, who poses a major threat if he can take Johnson down.

“I know he’s going to try and take me down — I know it. He’ll try once, and if that doesn’t work, if he figures out that he can’t take me down and tries to strike with me, he might catch me one or two times.

“That’s part of the game—you’re supposed to get hit. Nobody’s perfect. I can dodge and block every punch that he throws at me, but I’m going to get mine too.

“And I’m pretty sure that mine are going to hurt more than his. I’ll send him a message on that first punch.”



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