Monday, July 21, 2008

Larson Impresses Despite Controversial No Contest

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LEMOORE, Calif. -- A tough Phil Collins (Pictures) challenged but couldn't topple former WEC light heavyweight champion Doug "The Rhino" Marshall (Pictures) in his backyard return at the Palace Fighting Championship 9 "The Return" at the Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino.

A game Collins caught Marshall off-guard and wobbled him with a right-left combination in the first round. Marshall tried to back off and catch his balance, but Collins jumped onto his back and worked for the choke. Marshall shook the underdog off, then took Collins down and landed punches as the bell rang.

In the second round, Marshall looked the fresher of the two and came out aggressive. Marshall attempted a high kick that was blocked by Collins but Marshall followed with a big right hook at the end of a flurry to drop Collins to the mat. Marshall followed him down and landed two more big shots before the referee stepped in to stop the fight at 40 seconds.

PFC light heavyweight champion Jorge Oliveira (Pictures) and challenger Isaiah Larson waged a competitive bout until both fighters fell out of the ring in the third round from a Larson takedown. Oliveira landed on the media table and held his ribs for nearly five minutes.

Referee Herb Dean (Pictures) waved off the fight as it was obvious Oliveira would not be able to fight on. Since the injury took place early in round three, the fight was ruled a no contest.



Blogger Amir said...

I totally agree, I could not believe that puss OLiveria basically looked back and chose the fastest route to not getting his ribs broke, WHICH IT TURNS OUT WAS NOT IN THE RING WITH THE LARSON AND ON THE SCORERS TABLE ANYONE WHO WATCHS THE FIGHT WILL SEE THE WORST ACTING JOB IN MMA EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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