Friday, July 11, 2008

Phil Baroni: The Weight is Over

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This coming weekend, the UK's premier MMA brand, CAGE RAGE, is putting on another fight card. This one is entitled, "Cage Rage 27: Step Up". And in an unusual turn of events, the last minute bout add on isn't filling a void created by a loss of a better match's the headline bout.

This Saturday July 12, "The New York Bad Ass" Phil Baroni, coming off of three straight losses in California, Hawaii, and New Jersey (where he appeared on the inaugural CBS Primetime Show for EliteXC), is continuing his Go East Tour in the United Kingdom.

Baroni hopes to snap the losing streak by wasting virtually no time in getting back in the cage to throw hands with his next opponent.

The more noteworthy aspect of this fight is Baroni's choice to face Scott Jansen (3-2; 3 KO's) at Welterweight (170 lbs.). As of late, Baroni's been knocked for his cardio not being up to par. At 170 lbs, Phil looks to take that criticism away from those who trumpet it.

The list of factors that could sway this bout, exclusive of Jansen alone, are plentiful. Two 'possible' factors regarding the drop in weight for Baroni are:

Loss of Strength / Energy - a common side effect athletes can succumb to when dropping too low in weight.
Power, Power, Power- If you thought Baroni hit hard as a middleweight (and he did), his KO power at 170 will be insane. This will be a major factor in any Welterweight fight he participates in IF his cardio allows him to fight on long enough for it to break his opponent down or knock him out.
And while Scott Jansen is a good opponent, he's not a major name—which is ideal now. Baroni needs to grab a win to get himself back on track. With that, he can start to make his presence in the Welterweight division felt.

Considering the growth of the sport and the exposure potential via CBS/Showtime Phil can get fighting under EliteXC, he owes it to himself to pour his all into it now.

He brings a love him/hate him character to the sport that makes not hearing about him almost impossible. Nothing can ignite a career more than that same type of guy mowing fighters down while reminding them he is "the best Eva".



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