Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Radio: "Wildman" Pulls No Punches

by Ariel Helwani, MMARated.com

When it was first announced that Nick Diaz was facing Thomas "Wildman" Denny at the second EliteXC on CBS show, the entire MMA community was left shaking its collective head. Basically, the main question that crossed everyone's mind was: Why isn't Diaz facing KJ Noons?

Well, apparently Noons isn't ready to mix it up with Diaz just yet but, fear not, as Denny has provided us with plenty to get excited about with regards to his upcoming fight against Diaz.

Case in point: His recent appearance on MMARated Radio. Some of the highlights include:

On finding out he was facing Diaz in Stockton:
I was really surprised. I kinda think everybody agreed with that, you know the little thing that happened, the little eruption afterwards or whatever. Nick is a showman. I don't know if you know; he means it all the time. But he comes off as kind of a jackass and a lot of people don't think he has a lot of class in the sport, and that little eruption that happened afterwards and flipping people off and whatever, I thought, "Man, yeah, they'll definitely book that". But I guess Noons wants some time off and wants to take the fight serious, where Nick wants to fight as much as he can.

On Diaz's behavior:
You know what? It's definitely too much. It's over the top. Like I said, it's no class. The thing is we're trying to build this sport, and this sport is getting so big and, I'll tell you what, I got a lot of kids that are fans of mine and I would be pretty bummed out if some of my fans came up to me and they asked me, "Hey, Thomas, why are you flipping dudes off?" And that's kinda giving them that thing where they can flip people off and, "hey, it's cool to flip people off."

On his feud with Diaz:
He talks a lot of trash about me and however he perceives me with painting my fingernails and doing my hair and stuff like that. You know, he's a pretty shallow person because he doesn't even really realize what that is. That's something from my family that's given to me and that's my kids being a part of my fighting tradition, and he can look at me as being a fag or whatever he wants but when I'm punching him in the face he'll think a little differently.

On Diaz failing to make weight in his last fight against Muhsin Corbbrey:
Oh man, I thought it was ridiculous. If I was Muhsin Corbbrey, I wouldn't even have taken the fight. When you're at that level -- and obviously, he didn't dedicate himself and didn't train like he was supposed to -- how the hell do you come nine pounds over weight? I could understand one pound, a pound-and-a-half, 'cause scales are off; but, nine pounds? That's not even trying...Let's see if he makes weight for my fight. [If] he comes into my fight nine pounds over weight, he's not gonna have a fight to fight.

Now are you interested in seeing these two get it on? I thought so. For more "Wildman" fun check out our interview above.

Copy and paste the link to hear his MMArated interview. http://mmarated.com/articles/article/news/20080708/radio___wildman__pulls_no_punches-14886.html



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