Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thomas Denny tips his hat to Nick Diaz


In a message to his fans on a bulletin Thomas "The Wildman" Denny released a statement tipping his hat to Nick Diaz and commented on the 209 Stockton crowd. Denny came into the fight looking to get the best out of Diaz by closing the gap on him to try and avoid his long accurate jab. The gameplan worked for most of the round until Diaz began to land shots inside and get separation from Denny.

"The fight was Krazy I fought way to explosive and emotional. I put everything I had into 4:30 instead of 3x5min rds. I couldn't hear my corner at all it was so loud in there the chants of You Suck and 209 b**ches and your a f***ot was all I could hear.That is the best I have seen Nick fight I take my hat off to him maybe someday we will get to do it again......Thomas"Wildman"Denny"

As we all know Denny was critical of Diaz and has been looking for a chance to prove himself in front of the national CBS audience. Both figthers came into the fight looking to get a step closer to KJ Noon's lightweight title possibly for EliteXC's October card. We will let you know of any news we hear in the upcoming days about possible fights.



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