Friday, August 15, 2008

Anthony "Rumble" Johnson Live Chat!

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Anthony Johnson - What's up everyone! Glad to be here. Let's do this!

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2 there an ongoing appeal to the NSAC regarding the Burns decision? I can understand Mazagatti not being in position to see the eyepoke, but for the replay to clearly show that the fight was ended by an illegal strike and the commission to do nothing about it is a bit ridiculous. Also, I'm aware of your wrestling background, and your striking has been on dispay in all your UFC fights, but I haven't heard much about your BJJ background. I've heard/read that you train(ed) with Rigan Machado, and I was curious as to how long you've trained BJJ and what belt rank you've reached. Anyways, I just wanted to say that your actions after the Burns fight showed nothing but class, and mma needs more fighters like you. You're exciting to watch, and you've shown massive of luck in the future.

Anthony Johnson - First off, there is an appeal going but the court date isn't until September. I am letting my agent Ken Pavia at MMA Agents handle everything so I am just waiting for something to happen.

Anthony Johnson - I am a blue belt in BJJ. I am not a purple belt or brown belt that people claim I am on the forums. I have trained with Rigan for a while. I have trained BJJ but it's not great yet.

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