Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Goulet Mends Broken Foot


With his second-round “Fight of the Night” TKO victory over Kuniyoshi Hironaka (Pictures) (12-5) at UFC 83 last April in Montreal now a three-month memory, you’d think that Jonathan Goulet (Pictures) (22-9) would be stepping back into the Octagon soon. Not so, as “The Road Warrior” told MM-Eh that he was out of action for three months after breaking his foot while training with friend and teammate Patrick Cote (Pictures).

“I was supposed to kick him with my shin, but he stepped back and I hit him with my foot and it broke,” Goulet said. “Then after it was almost better, I re-broke it when I was playing with my dog.”

The injury prevented Goulet from accepting a welterweight matchup against U.K. standout Paul Kelly (Pictures) at UFC 85, which played out June 7 in London.

Goulet could barely walk for those few months, but the time was not wasted. He made the trek to Renzo Gracie (Pictures)’s Brazilian jiu-jitsu academy in New York City, where he indulged in twice-daily private lessons with famed black belt instructor John Danaher.

Goulet plans on spending a week there every month. “It is expensive,” Goulet said, “but worth it.”

If Goulet continues to get FOTN bonuses like the 75 thousand dollar one he received from the UFC, he’ll be able to afford all of the private lessons he wants.



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