Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jonathan Goulet: The Road Warrior

by Dorothy Willis for BleacherReport.com

I met a very polite and open young man on a fight site to which I belong. Okay, it is Fightbook, and I just love the people and the site because I have been able to communicate with some of my favorite fighters there and have made numerous friends in Canada.

This came after losing a lot of grey matter when I subjected myself to Sherdog by masquerading as a man. (No one on that site can accept the fact that a 63-year-old woman loves MMA. I mean, how ridiculous would that be, and what could such an old woman possibly know about the sport?)

Well, I retreated to much calmer and friendlier waters. The fighters who started the site have been so courteous to me that when I am not on Bleacher Report, Fightbook is my home. If anyone wants to find me there I have a very lovely page with lots of family pictures and blogs. Consider yourselves welcome to visit.

Most likely it has not escaped readers' attentions that I am all about asking questions. I asked David Loiseau if he liked the poem I had written for him and he was quite the gentleman when he reassured me that he did.

In a spontaneous moment of which I am not particularly proud, I asked young Mr. Goullet a very rude question which he could most understandably ignore. But just like his comrade David, he was completely polite and answered my question without criticizing me for my rudeness or resenting me for asking.

Consequently, we are friends on other sites as well now and I enjoy him so much that I feel like I have a newly adopted son—one who frequently confuses me by his fluency in French, since I am not. But he is not snubbing me, just over-estimating my intelligence, which certainly isn't a crime.

I may actually pick up a little bit of the French language in spite of myself—you never know with an old dog like me.

As I was saying, I really enjoy learning about Jonathan's fights, family, and life. He is an interesting and outgoing person, and just the kind of friend everyone would like to have.

So, as with my other favorite fight guys, I decided to write him a poem.

The Road Warrior

"The Road Warrior" sounds so romantic

For a young fighter displaying ads in his hair

In the ring where the action is frantic

He throws strikes that rip through the air.

In a tuxedo his image is handsome

Not of the fierce man in the ring

Deceptively warm and charming

Who can revert to a tiger-like thing

. And then when the fight is all over

And the referee raises his hand

A glimpse of the mischievous boy

Is revealed by the smile of the man.

Hopefully I won't have embarrassed Jonathan by publishing my sloppy sentiments. His is a friendship I value very much. Perhaps if I am around long enough I will finally meet him in person. And if I ever meet him, the first thing I will do is apologize for being such an annoying old lady.



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