Monday, August 18, 2008

Kampmann: My toughest test

Originally posted by Ben Blackmore, 18 August 2008

There are some fighters, not all – but a special a few, who make you sit up and remember the first time you ever watched them. Martin Kampmann is one such man, and he is preparing for the biggest fight of his life at “UFC 88: BREAKTHROUGH” – live on Setanta Sports.

The first time the author of this article clapped eyes on Denmark’s “Hitman” in the flesh (not on TV), he turned to the guy next to him and asked ‘who’s your money on?’ The reply was short and brilliant: ‘Kampmann, first round, submission’.

Five minutes later, a clinical Kampmann had tied Jorge Rivera in knots, choking him out in round one. The moment sticks in the mind, as does the knowing smile of the guy who had predicted correctly.

Some fighters are so accomplished at what they do that their brilliance is in how routine they can make a fight look. Kampmann did that against Rivera, with a show of Jiu-Jitsu that showed he now has a ground game that maybe even surpasses his stand-up.

“I’ll take the fight wherever I feel I have an advantage over my opponent,” Kampmann states ahead of his fight with Nate Marquardt at UFC 88.

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