Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kelly Kobold Gavin Interview with Fight Hype

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By Percy Crawford | August 20, 2008

PC: How is everything going Kelly?

KK: Everything is going great. I'm training a lot.

PC: How is training going for your fight with Gina Carano in October?

KK: Training couldn't be going better. I have a really good training partner that has already fought Gina (Kaitlin Young). I have some great training partners and an amazing training camp. I'm training with Brett Rogers, the heavyweight from Elite XC and Team Bison, and I'm also training with former UFC champion Sean Sherk and also Brock Lesnar at Minnesota Mixed Martial Arts Academy as well. I couldn't have a better group of people to train with.

PC: How much will you take from Kaitlin's fight with Gina as far as seeing some of the mistakes she made and not committing the same mistakes, as well as utilizing some of the things she had success with?

KK: I'm going to use film from all of Gina's fights. Gina hasn't had a fight that I don't have film on, unless you're counting Muay Thai fights, but I have all of her MMA fights. I can definitely see her progression as an MMA fighter and the improvements that she's made and I can also see mistakes that she made in her first fight that she was still making in her last fight and hopefully I can capitalize on them. I think her fame kind of works against her in a sense that I could get so much footage on her.

PC: It seems Gina's weight is an issue in every fight. Are you prepared to deal with the weight issues that never seem to go away with Carano?

KK: Absolutely, I am prepared.

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