Thursday, August 14, 2008

The MMA News Interview: Cyrille Diabate

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With the upcoming ShoXC event scheduled for August 15 at the Table Mountain Casino in Friant, Califorina just around the corner, The MMA News was lucky enough to have Cyrille Diabate give us a few moments of his time. Diabate(11-6-1) is scheduled to take on Jaime Fletcher(6-3-0) in what would be Diabate’s first MMA foray in North America and the 6′6″ international fighter is looking to come out strong.

When talking to Diabate most of the conversation turned towards his upcoming match with Fletcher, and how things would go down:

“I’ve seen a couple of his fights, he’s a tough guy and he comes to fight. I don’t expect an easy fight, but I think I’ve got too much experience for him. I’m tall, I’m mobile. He’s going to have a lot of problems getting me to the ground and if he wants to strike with me I’m a lot better at the striking. It doesn’t matter where the fight goes, whether it’s a quick win, or not. I can’t really say how I’m going to win, but I’m going to win. I just want an exciting match.”

Diabate has been appreciated by MMA hardcore fans for his ability to let his hands and legs fly, and his lean, tall build makes for interesting style match-ups. EliteXC is looking for big things from Diabate, and has signed him to a three fight agreement but the Frenchman isn’t looking past his first fight:

“I’m completely focused on this fight. I’m not taking it lightly. I’m confident but I’m going to be careful of what I do. I’m going to take my time, enjoy my time, and entertain. After that I look forward to fulfilling my contract and getting more acquainted with the public and….. have them get used to my style. I’m an exciting striker; I hope the fans will like my style.”

As with most MMA fighters, sponsorship is a big deal and Diabate was quick to thank Full Contact Fighter, RBP(Rolling Big Power), Lexani(Luxury Wheels), OTM(OTM Fight Shop) and Rockstar Energy Drink.

As always the MMA News asked Diabate to give final comments, both for his fans and his opponent Fletcher.

For the Fans: Thank you very much for all the support from the US. I haven’t fought here in MMA before but I’ve got a few fans here and it’s great to have the support. I hope the fights as entertaining as I like it to be.

Jaime Fletcher: Come prepared.

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