Monday, August 04, 2008

PRO MMA Has A Quick Chat w/ Anthony “Rumble” Johnson

by: TruPlya -

Today at IMMAE, the International Mixed Martial Arts Expo, Pro MMA had a quick chat with Anthony Johnson. Anthony is coming off a controversial loss after suffering multiple eye gouges that left him unable to continue. His Agent Ken Pavia has a hearing scheduled with the NSAC later this month to contest the loss. Anthony did not have on a protective eye patch, although his eye was noticeably red.

PRO MMA: Anthony, first things first; how is the eye?

AJ: It is getting better. I will be cleared for contact in 3 weeks.

PRO MMMA: How is the protest going with your agent Ken Pavia in regards to the fight where you suffered the injury?

AJ: I don’t know, I let him handle that.

PRO MMA: What is next for Anthony Johnson?

AJ: Well, I was asked about fighting at UFC 88 in GA., but I was not going to be ready.

Anthony said his eye was fine and would be able to train full force again later this month. I can tell you one thing though; his left eye was red and scratched up pretty bad. It is nice to find someone humble who refuses to make excuses; even though his fight was filled with controversy and he should have won by disqualification.



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