Monday, September 22, 2008

Benji Radach is a Hero! PRO MMA exclusive interview

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Pro MMA: Hey Benji Thanks for taking this time with us. We know you’re extremely busy in preparing for your upcoming fight with Ninja. How are you feeling physically right now?
Benji: Good man, everything’s healed up and coming together. It’s been a little different this time because I’m working full time as well. I was kind of spoiled when I was training full time all last year. Considering I took the fight on five weeks notice and I was completely out of shape, I’m doing pretty good.

Pro MMA: What are your thoughts on Ninja and how do you feel you guys match up?
Benji: I think we match up great. He’s pretty much good all the way around, you know, he’s got good kickboxing and good jiu-jitsu. Of course I think I’m the better wrestler and I think I have a harder punch so it’s just going to be one of those things where I think we’re going to throw down quite a bit and it’s going to be who catches who.

Pro MMA: Who have you been training with to prepare for this fight?
Benji: I’ve been training a lot with Mo Lawal. He’s a really high level wrestler that beat the gold medalist in the Olympics and a world panamerican champion. I’ve been training with Team Quest, different people holding the pads for me and then Bas Rutten on the weekends.

Pro MMA: How’s training been going? Are you focusing on anything specific for Ninja or are you just focusing on your entire game right now?
Benji: Just pretty much focusing on what I need to do and that’s mainly not getting underneath him. So I’m pretty much planning on throwing down with him on the feet the whole time and putting him on his back. Just worry about what I need to do to win the fight and not worry about what he’s doing and take it to him. So we’ll see how it goes and see how my training went this time, because of having to work and stuff it’s a little rougher but I’ve done well considering all the things involved. I’ve gotten in really good shape man, I feel really good.

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