Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Bring "The Crow" Back to the UFC

Originally posted by BleacherReport.com

As I was reading through countless MMA articles I came upon one asking if David Loiseau should be brought back to the UFC to fight Jason Day.

Of course, being a great fan of The Crow, I have been suffering from prolonged withdrawal. Having not seen him except on Fightbook, MySpace, and Facebook, I have been yearning to see him and his dangerous elbows back on UFC.

It is not just his fighting style that I miss. He is a very intelligent MMA fighter and I have been wishing that he could become a commentator. With his knowledge of fighting and fight strategies, I feel he could be every bit as good as Frank Mir.

A lot of people speak out against the goony approach Goldberg has when it comes to his repartee with Joe Rogan. David looks very presentable and comfortable in a suit and I would love to see him "in the booth" with Joe commenting on fighters and techniques.

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