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Exclusive interview - Anthony Johnson “If he (Kevin Burns) wants a rematch I’ll give him one”

September 20, 2008 by Narcisist

Here at we had a chance to do a interview with UFC Welterweight Anthony Johnson who’s recent appeal to the NSAC to over turn his TKO loss to Kevin Burns was denied for Lack of remedy.We got a chance to catch up with Johnson and ask him about a possible rematch with Burns, how he felt about the NSAC’s decision and when he will fight next.

Your recent appeal to the NSAC to over turn your appeal for your fight with Kevin Burns was over turned, how did you feel about their decision?

I think its a bunch of B.S, you know they don’t want to take the time to look at the fight the way it happened. They rather look at cases that have something to do with Steroids, instead of case where someone gets hurt with a Illegal poke in the eye for a knockout. You know the way it is.

Most of the fans we see posting and even us expected the fight to be ruled a no contest by the comission, was that your expectation as well?

Actually I didn’t know what to expect, honestly because I have never been in a situation like that. It’s just weird, you know what I mean.

Kevin Burns said in a interview that he would have rather been Knocked out then win the fight the way he did (Kevin Burns article) and that he would like a rematch. Have you spoken to Joe Silva or anyone in the UFC about a rematch?

There might be a fight coming up soon possibly a rematch, if he wants a rematch he’ll get one.

Have you been training now for your next fight?

Oh yeah, I’m training all the time. Even if I’m not fighting I train as if I am going to fight because you never know when you might get that call.

Have you been given a return date or opponent yet?

Hopefully in December, I am not going to let anything out right now.

Anyone in particular you want to fight right now?

Nah, I’ll fight any body they give me but like I said if he (Burns) wants a rematch I’ll give him one.

You have talked in the past about moving down in weight to fight, was that just wishful thinking or is that a move you actually plan on doing?

That’s actually something I’ll wind up doing in the future, I can’t stay at 170 forever. I will have to go up to 185 eventually, in a couple of years from now. I’m 24 now, so maybe when I’m like 30.

Where do you see yourself at the age of 30 in this sport?

Of course I would be at a different weight class by then but I don’t care which weight class I just want a title. That’s my goal to one day be the champ, so hopefully by then a star and the champ.

When I first saw the fight I first thought it was the upper cut he (Kevin Burns) threw that caught you in the eye, until I saw the replay.

He didn’t hit me, the only thing he hit me with was his finger. The uppercut it didn’t graze me, he completely missed with the uppercut because that’s his signature combo that Jab uppercut. The uppercut I saw a mile away and his finger caught me dead in the eye.

Where do you think you need to improve the most to get to that level to be the champion one day?

Everything. I think I need to improve in everything, I don’t I am that great at any one aspect of fighting. I have to improve my take down defense, my striking, my Jiu-Jitsu. I’m not trying to say one thing is better then another, I think I would have to improve in everything to be honest with you.

Do you feel any added pressure because you are in a sport that is predominantly White males and you are African American and possibly seen as a role model in the sport for other young African American males who want to get into the sport?

No, not at all I don’t feel any pressure. Yeah, the sport in predominately White but so what? I don’t think professionally that in any sport there is that pressure for that now.

Do you have anything you want to say to your fans?

I appreciate all the support from every body, my boys, my training partners and my Pittbulls. My agent Kenny Pavia, KNOXX Gear, and there the best.

I personally would like to say Thank You to everyone Ken, Sean and Anthony of course for the interview.

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