Friday, October 31, 2008

Anthony Johnson's FightHype interview

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"He's got a lot to prove in this fight. Everybody is looking at him as the bad guy and I know he's looking to prove to everybody that he can beat me. I'm glad he's thinking that way because I'm thinking the same way too. I'm going to knock his fucking head off if I get a chance. It's all good though. He's getting prepared and I'm getting prepared and I think this fight is going to be entertaining," stated UFC welterweight contender Anthony Johnson as he talked about his upcoming rematch with Kevin Burns. Check out what else he had to say about the fight and much more.

PC: It's been awhile since we came on record bro. What's been up my man?

AJ: Man, the same shit, different day, you know; living life. I'm training my ass off.

PC: How long have you been able to go all out in training?

AJ: I've been able to go for about a month and a half. I didn't even put on the mask and stuff like that like those wrestlers would use. I really didn't take any head shots, but I was like, fuck it. This is my job. I gotta suck it up and do what I gotta do. I've been training without a mask on to protect my eye eye hasn't been giving me any problems whatsoever. You know what I mean?

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