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House of Pain Interview with Carlo "Neo" Prater

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House of Pain is proud to bring you an inside look at the WEC's Carlo "Neo" Prater from Brazil. We are proud to have Carlo as one of our sponsored fighters. We thought the fans would enjoy hearing about his very interesting background and accomplishments as well as his every day training that makes him such a threat in the 170 pound weight division.

HOP: Carlo, you have quite an interesting story to tell, and we would love to help your fans and our readers become more familiar with you. Please share with us where you live and where you train, and also please tell us how you came to live where you do?

CARLO: I live in the Lago Norte district of Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. I lived here as a child and then later ended up graduating from high school here as well. It´s home.

HOP: A lot of our readers are familiar with you from your recent bouts with the WEC, but most of them are not as familiar with how you earned your way to the organization. Please tell the fans some of the shows in which you have fought and opponents you have faced on your way to being one of the fighters that has made it on to the bigger shows.

CARLO: I´ve fought AFC, IFC, FFC, MFC ,RFC, Renegades, Art of War, Raw Combat, Meca, Storm Samurai, UWC, WEC and others. Condit, Larsen, Noble, Wisniewki, Fickett are my losses. I feel I´ve fought really good guys up to this point in my career.

HOP: When you are in Brazil, who are some of the people that you have trained with, and when you are in the U.S., who are some of your training partners, and please give us one in particular from each location and tell us how training with that person most benefits your game.?

CARLO: In Brasilia, we have excellent MMA tradition. Vale Tudo fights have taken place in this part of the country since the late 60´s. There ar lots of hungry young lions roaming and training partners are abundant. I train Muay Thai with Kru Nilson Jr. from Bangkok Team. He is excellent pedigree pads and mitts trainer. Very high level guy. Ronildo Braga is good sparring for me. Very quick and unorthodox. Gugu and his boys out in Sobradinho help me get my rounds in at his Boxing gym. Gugu is a former pro-boxer himself and is very knowledgeable. Abel and Mauricio have excellent amateur records building. Jiu-Jitsu is my base and I started at white belt and am at brown with Julio Pudim and Sandro Bala, the Lima brothers, whom own an academy and live half the year in Portugal. Luta-Livre(Submission) and Vale-Tudo(MMA) training is done everyday at noon at RFT Brasilia. Marcão is an Eugenio Tadeu and Hugo Duarte Black Belt in Luta-Livre. We have been together since ´99, and he is a good coach/corner. Igor Pakato is my best spar over there. 170 with an iron chin.

HOP: You had a recent addition to your family last year. Please tell the fans a little bit about your pride and joy and how this event has changed your life and also your training schedule.

CARLO: My son was born May last year and it immediately changed me for the better. I have a lot more riding on me and the stakes are a lot higher. Motivational to say the least. Training gets smarter, more focused and intense. Rest and recovery as well.

HOP: Having fought all across the world, please give the readers one of your favorite places you have ever trained or fought, and if you have any interesting stories about it, please feel free to share them.

CARLO: I really liked fighting in Curitiba. I fought a Chuteboxer and everyone was rooting against us from RFT. After I won everyone was extremely friendly and respectful. I admire to this day the Chuteboxe camp.

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