Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Agents unite to block Showtime contract auction, Pro Elite bullshit continues

As seen on UrDirt.com

CBS vs MMA Agents

While many people are wondering what exactly is going to happen once CBS and Showtime (Not Pro Elite) puts up fighters contracts for auction, as if they were a car for sale. MMA Agents Kenny Pavia, Monte Cox, Ed Soares, Matt Stansell, Bob Cook, Chas Bowling and Cesar Gracie have all united to block their fighters contracts from being put up for auction by CBS.


We hope that Kenny Pavia and the rest of the agents are successful in their attempts to free their fighters from their contracts. Pro Elite last week sent out letters attempting to lie to them by stating they would attempt to have a promotion for EliteXC in 2009. This is an attempt to avoid the 30 day “No fight” clause which would make the fighters free agents. While I know CBS and Showtime are attempting to get back anything they lost while supporting Pro Elite, treating fighters like cattle to gain pennies on the dollar’s of what they lost is also unfair.

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