Friday, November 21, 2008

Strikeforce Fighters Make Weight for "Destruction"

Joe "Diesel" Riggs weighed in at 170 1/2 lbs. for his return to the welterweight division against BJJ-ace Luke Stewart.

Middleweight Bout
Terry Martin- 186lbs
Scott Smith- 185.5lbs

Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Championship
Renato “Babalu” Sobral- 204lbs
Bobby Southworth- 204lbs

164lbs Catch weight Bout
Yves Edwards- 164lbs
Duane “Bang” Ludwig- 163lbs

Women’s Bout
Lina Kvokov- 133lbs
Kim Couture- 130lbs

Welterweight Bout
Joe Riggs- 170.5lbs
Luke Stewart- 170.5lbs

Middleweight Bout
Nik Theotikos- 185lbs
Luke Rockhold- 185.5lbs

175lbs Catch weight Bout
Lemont Davis- 173lbs
Brian Schwartz- 175lbs

Middleweight Bout
Josh Neal- 184lbs
Kurt Osiander- 185lbs

Lightweight Bout
Bobby Stack- 155lbs
Cyrillo Padilha- 156lbs

Middleweight Bout
Tony Johnson- 184lbs
Eric Lawson- 185lbs

Bantamweight Bout
Brad Royster- 134lbs
Darren Uyenoyama- 136lbs

Featherweight Bout
Alvin Cacdac-143lbs
Jose Palacios- 145lbs

Welterweight Bout
Zackary Bushia- 169lbs
Adam Steele- 168lbs



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