Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Top 10 Greatest Rivalries in the UFC include Baroni's Fued with Team Quest

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7. Phil Baroni vs Team Quest

Let's face it, Phil Baroni doesn't like alot of people but he HATES everybody from Team Quest. At UFC 34, Phil Baroni fought against Team Quest member Matt Lindland and lost by unanimous decision. Both men were scheduled for a rematch at UFC 41 and Matt "The Law" Lindland won by unanimous decision again.

At UFC 45, "The New York Bad Ass" had a fight with another Team Quest member, Evan Tanner. There was alot of controversy surrounding the first fight. Baroni was dominating the fight and cut Tanner in the face.

The ref stopped the fight for the medics to check it out and Tanner was able to get his head back together and came back to dominate Phil Baroni. The ref asked Baroni if he wanted him to stop the fight and Phil said yes.

Baroni was pissed when the fight was stopped cause he actually heard "Are you ok?". Out of anger, Baroni pushed the ref and was suspended for his actions.

He returned at UFC 48 and fought Tanner in a rematch and loss a decision. Phil's record against Team Quest is not too good (0-4) and Baroni has said a million time's on TV and in interviews that he hated any member of Team Quest and that his rivalry with them would probably continue forever.

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