Saturday, December 13, 2008

Anthony Johnson “He’s going to be ugly when I get done with him”

Originally posted on had the opportunity to catch up with Johnson prior to tonights fight and speak with him about this grudge match of sorts, training with Cung Le and not making the cut on “The Ultimate Fighter” among other things.


Cory Brady: Does the fact that Kevin Burns never came close to submitting you in your previous bout play a part in your confidence if the fight ends up on the ground?

Anthony Johnson: I’m confident standing and on the ground with Kevin. To me he’s not a threat on the ground, period. He’s caught some good people in submissions but I’m not worried about his ground game and I’m not worried about his stand up either. I just have to go out there and do me. If he doesn’t poke me in the eye this time he’s going to get stopped a lot quicker.

Cory Brady: The last fight with Burns was a real barn burner up until the stoppage. Are you anticipating a war this time around as well?

Anthony Johnson: I just want to finish the fight. This time I know it’s going to be a better fight. I know that he’s coming and he’s going to know that I’m coming. Either he’s going to be on or I’m going to be on. Most of the time I’m on so if he’s not then it will be a bad thing for Kevin.

Cory Brady: How do you visualize this one ending?

Anthony Johnson: I’m going to knock his head off. Plain and simple. That’s just how I do it. If he didn’t want to get his head knocked off then he shouldn’t have gotten in the octagon with me. I hope his wife loves him because he’s going to be ugly when I get done with him.


Cory Brady: Alright Anthony, thanks for taking this time with us. Are there any sponsors you would like to thank?

Anthony Johnson: Tapout, Cung Le, MMA Agents, Iron Heart Pitbulls and all of my friends and family.

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