Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Bad" Brad Looking to do Good at UFC 92

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TK: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me. Tell me how training has been going so far.

BB: My training's been going great. Ever since I signed my UFC contract, I stopped working and have been training full time. You know right now, I can honestly say I'm in the best shape of my life. I've got a huge opportunity in front of me so I'm excited and nervous at the same time.

TK: Can you talk about what you did before becoming a full time fighter and how you managed to balance working and fighting?

BB: It was out of control. I was definitely spreading myself too thin. I was working full time and training full time so I was pretty much going non stop from six in the morning until nine or ten at night. You know I was training full time, but not giving it 100 percent when you're working a full time, labor job doing framing.

TK: So you've noticed a big difference since then?

BB: It's a huge difference because I get to rest. It's hard to eat properly when you're working with breaks and everything. So now, I'm eating properly, getting my rest, having a period of time in between my workouts. That means I get two better workouts than when I try to jam both of my workout sessions after getting off work. It's a big difference and I can definitely feel it.

TK: Are you still down in Olympia working out with Dennis Hallman or are you training in Seattle right now?

BB: I mostly train at Dennis Hallman's gym in Olympia, Reese Andy's gym in Renton and Eric Dahlberg's gym in Renton. So I bounce around. I'm a gym whore basically, but the main gyms I go to are Hallman's and Reese's.

TK: All of your training partners and instructors are currently helping you prepare for Ryo Chonan. What are your thoughts of him as a fighter?

BB: I think Ryo Chonan has a lot of experience. He's been in there with a lot of tough guys. He's always in great shape and has even fought ten minute rounds at a good pace. So I know he's going to be ready to have a good pace the whole time. I think he's well rounded. I don't think he's great at anything, but he's good at everything and that's what makes him good. I think his strongest avenue of fighting is his ground and pound. It should be a good fight. He's not afraid to mix it up. He's not afraid to exchange on his feet. He's scrappy on the mat too, so it should be a good fight. I'm excited.

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