Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Insane One: Exclusive Interview with Justin McCully

Originally posted on FightTicker.com

FightTicker.com: Hey, man. How have things been going with you?

Justin McCully: Really good. I just opened up a school in Maui with Kendall Grove -- another Team Punishment guy -- and "Rude Boy" Troy Mandaloniz called the I&I Training Center. So with Team Punishment we’ve got a new foundation out there and in Hawaii too. Going nationwide and hopefully worldwide really soon.

FightTicker.com: So you’re training for an upcoming fight with Eddie Sanchez. Are you doing anything new to train for that fight?

McCully: I wouldn’t say anything new. Obviously Eddie’s a big puncher, big striker, so I’ve concentrated a little bit more on my boxing, but I wouldn’t necessarily say anything new. I’m just trying to get back to Justin McCully and the "Insane" winning ways and get confident again. I brought in a good solid camp.

FightTicker.com: Anyone in particular you’re training with?

McCully: Yeah, I want to give a big shout out to Al Stankie. He’s keeping my hands lightening fast. I got Rafael Davis, former NCAA wrestler -- he’s coming off a couple big victories. I got Jason Parillo who helps out B.J. Penn with his hands. I’ve got my brother -- Shawn McCully -- and Joe Schillings, who is amazingly fast in his hands and feet, and there are several other guys in the camp.

FightTicker.com: What’s your regular training like?

McCully: You know, on a day-to-day basis, you wake up, you run a couple of miles, then you get into the boxing gym, and you wrestle. I implemented some yoga this time, because I wanted to get a better range of motion on my submissions. So I’ve been doing a lot of stretching and a lot of conditioning along with the regular training regimen.

FightTicker.com: You have a BJJ black belt. Do you expect to have a major grappling advantage against Eddie Sanchez?

McCully: As far as gameplan goes, I’m looking to go out there and bang with him. He’s got big power and big hands, and he’s got some speed too, so he’s dangerous with his hands. Looking at it on paper people say, “Well Justin’s a fool if he goes out there and bangs with him. You should probably take him down and try to get him out of there as early as possible.”

But, you know, we’re out there fighting for the troops, we’re putting on an awesome show for these guys, and everyone wants to see two guys standing there banging. And I kinda want to stand in the ring and get comfortable against a big puncher, since we’ve got all of these big huge heavyweights now. You got to deal with the moment to moment reality of the situation.

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