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Reese Andy's Looking forward to UFC 92

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t’s 3pm in Seattle and Reese Andy is walking in the rain, heading back to his gym in Kennydale ( ). Downstairs is the general training area, with a membership of 1,500 bodies at various levels of fitness, and it is open to anybody who wants to get into shape or press some steel. Upstairs is the West Coast Fight Team, where the MMA happens. This is where Reese will be training again in a couple of hours.

“This morning I did a circuit, four five-minute rounds, and then I had to do a burn-out, two-minute round of something else, so we’re getting the heart rate up. I wore a heart-rate monitor today and I haven’t worn one of those in years. Everything is good – I’m just sore from yesterday evening’s workout, but it’s going to be like that from here out until a few days before the fight,” says Andy.

Prior to the UFC, Reese was a member of the IFL Tigersharks, along with such respected names as Brad Blackburn, Shad Lierley, Allan Goes… And Reese still trains with many of his former team members including Blackburn. “I train with him once or twice a week. I train with a group of guys, about four or five of us… Brad’s a little bit lighter, but we use the same mitt guy and we’ll sometimes do some rolling together or sparring. We’ll be getting some more in here, I’m sure. We might train together tonight. Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually the days we work together.”

But Reese says he no longer trains under former Tigersharks’ coach, Maurice Smith. “No. One of the guys from the IFL, Carlos, helps us out, and Mario Miranda, Travis Doerge and Shad Lierley are here, so I’m still training with a couple of guys from the IFL and a few others.”

Andy fought in the Octagon on UFC Fight Night 14 against Brandon Vera, so he has now experienced combat in the cage as well as competing in the ring. But which does he prefer?

“Well, I don’t know if I feel one way or the other… I do feel that the UFC is taking care of me more, but as far as cage or a ring preference, I haven’t noticed an advantage yet. I’ve heard different things; however I’ve only been in the cage one time and the rest of my fights have all been in the ring, when I was in the Icon in Hawaii and in the IFL, so I can’t really say whether I prefer the cage or the ring.”

Reese, I believe Shad Lierley is looking to compete in the next Ultimate Fighter. Have you heard anything?

“Yes, I’m his roommate and hopefully that transpires as well.”

When you train, do you work out with music on?

“Most of the time with music. I usually leave the selection up to the students and don’t get too picky unless it’s something really bad. Last night, for example, there was hip hop on with some cursing. I dug a little bit and gave a student a bad time, but he paid dues to the gym and he needs to be in good spirits too, and I can handle about anything. In my group in college we listened to country music for seven years.”

Sounds like a bit of a transition for you from the stuff your students are playing now.

“Yeah, but downstairs in the gym, there’s always the 80s’ light rock and stuff like that that’s basically DMX-type thing or the radio, so we put on really light music for the fitness members. And then upstairs for the fighters, they always want something more hardcore that’s going to pump them up more for their workout. We don’t want to intervene when they have something on. I think most people are the same way. We haven’t had anyone putting on something off the wall, so…”
Matt Hamill has fought in the UFC before and you’ll be making your debut at UFC 92. Will that be a factor on the night?

“No, since I did the UFC Fight Night, I feel it’s still the UFC to me, whether it’s p-p-v or a free card. I got the first one out of the way and this one should be a little less stressful, not being the co-main event, and not as bad.”

You’ve fought in front of large crowds before, so that shouldn’t be a drama.


Is wrestling still the backbone of your game?

“I think it is. When people are trying to take me down I’m going to give them a lot to fix since I have the background. And if I see an opening to take them down I’m already able to get it better than the other guy. But as far as doing lots of drills or lots of wrestling, I don’t spend quality time the way I used to.”

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